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Assumption Parish Sheriffs Office


Sheriff Cautions Parents on Social Media Publication Regarding "MOMO CHALLENGE" - Thursday, February 28, 2019

DATE:             THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2019
TO:                  ALL MEDIA OUTLETS



NAPOLEONVILLE – Assumption Parish Sheriff Leland Falcon wants to caution parents of school age children to be on the lookout for a particular publication known as "MOMO CHALLENGE”, which has made its way onto a number of social media sites in recent days.

The "MOMO CHALLENGE” is an internet ghost story where kids get a text message on their phone via "What’s APP, You Tube or some other form of digital communication.  It is accompanied by a strange photo of a face with unusual and alarming features and a request for the child to accomplish a particular task.  It requires the child to provide video proof that the task was accomplished.  If the task is not completed, there will be some form of misfortune that the child will suffer.  In some cases, children have been instructed to commit suicide and provides some methods to do so.

It is extremely important that parents stress to their children not to attempt to contact strangers on any type of social networking sites or by cell.

Parents are urged to sit with their children and install privacy settings on their communication devices.  This is a great way to have that conversation with your children and agree to immediate and automatic precautions.

Kids need to be instructed and understand that if this type of material surfaces on their devices, they need to immediately contact their parents.

"Fostering an atmosphere of openness and transparency about online activity ensures that children can continue to thrive”.  If parents notice their children switching screens on their devices when approached or new numbers or email addresses suddenly appear, they should have a conversation with their children and immediately inspect their devices.

The "MOMO CHALLENGE” is a very powerful image and can instill fear in a child’s mind.  It is not only real and very influential, but it is here.

Again, Sheriff Falcon urges all parents to pay close attention to your child’s online activity and to take immediate steps to have them disassociate themselves with this form of dangerous material.


Always, if you have any questions, need any assistance or need any additional information concerning this News Release, contact Sheriff Leland Falcon or Public Information Officer, Lonny Cavalier at 985-369-7281.